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Last month, do you remember when I said my friend commissioned me to make her a toddler quilt for her son? This one above was the “inspiration” she liked on Pottery Barn Kids. I decided to copy that same look. And here’s how mine turned out: 

So, what do you think? I used a navy quilting cotton for the blue, available at Hobby Lobby. The white stripe is a linen look-a-like cotton from JoAnns. I think they look very nice paired together. I googled “toddler sized quilts” and came up with info that a typical toddler quilt measures approximately 45″x 60″. I think it will fit E’s bed quite nicely, with some extra at the top to fold over or throw over the pillow. 
I don’t quilt. I probably won’t make a habit of making them after this one, even though it was quite easy and a rewarding project. My math was quite simple on this one. I cut the back side out a little larger than I wanted it to end up (about 46″x61″). Then, I did use my rotary cutter and quilting mats to cut straight strips for the alternating navy/white stripes. I didn’t really measure, but just kept adding strips on until I reached the measurement of my navy back piece. When I got the top side done, I ironed it very well, and did the quilt sandwiching on my living room floor. I stretched out the backing, sandwiched the middle quilted layer (warm & natural batting from JoAnns), and laid on the top layer. I placed about 60+ safety pins at various points in the quilt to keep all three layers together. I hand quilted it, and then made my own bias tape to edge the blanket with. 
I planned on using my machine to give the blanket that hand-quilted look. After much trial, mess-ups, and good advice from one of my favorite personal bloggers, Rae, I ended up just quilting it by hand. I used the beautiful white purl cotton on mine like Rae did on her daughter’s quilt, and I think it looks just lovely. At first I was disappointed by the amount of work that hand quilting would involve, but after I finished it during several evenings in front of the tv, I was very pleased with the outcome. 
I may be biased, but I think I like my version better than Pottery Barns above. But, what do you think? 
Here are some other ideas that I came up with for E’s room… And I wonder what his wonderful Mommy may chose for me to help her out with next? She’s quite the talented one, that lady. Just check out her awesome photography page!!!  So, I’m only assisting on the side : ). I surely hope she enjoys the new addition to her son’s room! I’m still biting my lip a little bit, since she hasn’t actually seen the blanket yet. Ahem. 


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