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Today I am officially 14 weeks pregnant with baby #2. Since I did a terrible job of documenting my first pregnancy with Nathan in pictures, I’ve decided to do better with this one! Have you ever seen those pregnancy progression photos on YouTube, where moms take a picture of themselves every day and quick speed the video at the end? I think they are awesome like THIS cute one…., but I forgot (again) to do something cool like this. However, I’ve taken a picture a month, or so…so that’s a start, right?

The few pictures I took from being pregnant with Nathan in 2010:

man…looking back…looks painfully big there at the end…(the teal shirt one)..Ooh! And don’t mind the pirate photo…it was “dress-up day” at work, just in case you were wondering!
..and my progression photos so far for Baby #2 (Can’t wait to call him/her by name!!):

So far it’s been another blessed pregnancy. No sickness (unless I fail to snack about every 2-3 hours), and I hardly notice I’m pregnant so far, except for my growing belly and clothes that now don’t fit.

Remember my to-make list for Nathan? Wow, that was loooooong!  Amazingly, I found the energy to do a lot of those things. For this new little one (unless it’s a girl this time), my list to-make/sew should be pretty short.

I’ve been petitioned by a friend to make a toddler sized quilt for her son, and while I’m at that project soon, I think I will go ahead and make N and baby #2 one as well… Seems easier to make 3, staying on subject. I was quite inspired by this book last fall:

and have been inspired to make their toddler quilt like this one for our 2nd baby:

And this one I’m making copying from Pottery Barn for a friend:

And some major gardening stuff going on here too….TODAY is planting day, so I’ll most likely be sharing about that with you next! Hasn’t it been so nice to be outside these days for a change?!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!


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