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I got a phone call on a Wednesday from a very beloved friend. 
She wanted needed THIS dress for her daughter, ASAP. 
But, the seller could not produce it as fast as it was needed. 
A Minnie Mouse Dress was now in the works. 
I started designing a pattern, using Rae’s Flashback T pattern as a starting point.
I also combined sleeve elements and a back closure from the dress I recently

made for my niece, Lilly. It all came together so well, and so quickly. 
After my third local fabric store, I was so pleased to score this same fabric (as above)
for the dress at where???, but Hobby Lobby! Horray! And at 30% off too. 
I made it Friday night, and mailed it Saturday morning. A flurry of design, but sometimes the 
fast projects turn out the best.  

Thanks to my dear friend’s cute little model, you (and I) get to see how the dress came out. 
Ellie will no doubt make the cutest Minnie Mouse I’ve ever seen to celebrate her upcoming
2 year old birthday! Congratulations, sweet girl! And a HUGE Happy Birthday from Steven, 
Nathan, baby Hoover #2, and myself! 

 Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you (and miss you)!


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