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 An introduction to KNITTING. I am a sewer. That’s no surprise to you by now. I sew about every day,…well, almost.  Last fall I bought THIS book, even though last fall I WASN’T expecting, and NOW I am. Crazy, backwards. I know this. I brought the book back out yesterday and oogled at all the pretty pictures about things I can only dream of making written in a highly coded language that I don’t understand at all yet. 
My last (and only) attempt at knitting was about 6-7 years ago, I think. I knitted the length of a potholder in “knit-only” stitch, and then set it aside. I guess I still thought sewing was faster. 
I established yesterday afternoon, about 2:30ish, that this will be my first knit project to tackle out of this book, that is…if I can figure out how to really knit this time, for real. A baby blanket for our baby #2 to be. It might even be this same turquoise and cream color scheme which. I. LOVE.
 About an hour later I had learned and practiced two different kind of casting on methods, (thumb-over & back loop) and successfully stitched them, ripped them out, and did it again, many times. I even had a real “AH-HA!” moment out loud (sorry, husband!) when I figured out the needling motion to the thumb over method!
 Practicing and practicing:
 And after a few hours, I have a few rows haphazardly on there. But, it’s a start. I’m sure I will very well enjoy better calling my close friend and her mom to give me much needed help on this new knitting adventure! I have a basis to start, but I will need Sidney & Nancy’s help real soon no doubt! I’m so glad they are so willing to help me out!!!

And now today’s focus will be on learning the purl stitch and hopefully the stockinette. Ooh, this learning of new things can be fun, but, oh, so challenging and fearsome. 

Fighting a respiratory cold this week, and have officially declared that there will be NO official Easter outfits sewn for N and I as originally planned. The 6″ of snow we got here in Ohio this past Monday was quite a surprise, and kind of put me off my warm-weather-Easter-thinking for now.  My Easter outfit instead this Sunday, will probably encompass a jean skirt, some tights, boots, and several warm shirts. Brr! That’s okay. Easter is early. And since it’s NOT about cute outfits, eggs & candy anyways, it doesn’t matter. We will be excited to be with family and celebrating that Jesus has Risen! Praise the Lord!
and, P.S., if you actually remember things that I say on here, I haven’t forgotten about the free shorts/pants pattern coming soon for your toddler in a size 2T. With all this snow, my head has been in the clouds still, but my pattern direction making/PDF creating is reaching a finishing point….it’s just later than I originally planned. So, you don’t mind, right? It will be a great feature to put on here to officially welcome spring (hopefully soon)!!!!!
For now, I’ve had the adventures most recently of hemming a pair of beautiful flowing pants, a plum prom dress, making a liner for an upright laundry basket, tailoring a flower girl dress to fit a 2 year old just right, and then will be onto designing and copying this debutant gown for a friend’s 4 year old in the Netherlands. I see a home business starting up, don’t you? Will you help me support my fabric & craft buying addiction by letting me fix up and alter YOUR stuff for low rates? A Joy2Sew facebook page on it’s way. Yes, sir. I’m open for business, with prices to soon follow. 
Have a blessed day!!!!!


Joy2Sew is a sewing business specializing in bridal alterations, custom costume creations, sewing lessons, and pdf patterns for children's costumes.

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