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Steven and I have really gotten into “antiquing” this past year. Our passion probably stems from watching too many antique shows on PBS….Ahem. (aka, Antiques Roadshow, Market Warriors, and American Pickers on History channel). We really like the ginormous outlet type antique malls, but pretty much frequent several local shops. This past Wednesday we found a three tier jackpot for Nathan with some great vintage toy finds.
#1: Teach a Tot Magnetic Board/ Dry Erase Board by Holgate, circa 1969. So fun. A great find for $4! It even came with a lot of magnets! N loves it! I looked it up, and you can still order your own here off Etsy or Ebay for less than $15.
#2: An awesome metal bucket filled with vintage clothespins. If you are close friends with us and our son, you know his favorite toys are not really toys at all. His picks lately (or usually): the non-working real iron, kitchen hand mixer, and any type of cord. I can just see him using all these clothespins outside this summer on his own clothesline Mommy must put up for him. : )!
#3: My favorite and his: A Sears Vacuum cleaner for kids, circa 1976. It takes a D cell battery and has a light suction. This kid adores this item!!! He is so enthusiastic about cleaning the whole house now, and is “proud” when he sees the dirt he’s collecting. What a kid! I just love this about him! Vacuum away, Nathan! Sears doesn’t sell this model anymore, but it looks like you can purchase a kid-sized Dyson from them now. Ours was only $5., and Steven did a little tweaking and soldering to get it back in working order, but it was well worth it!
And a closet (last one) update: the BEFORE of my to-do closet list:  
And the AFTER, finally done. I completed it in the next 24 hours after I posted my original closet post. Picked up the Ikea-like shoe holder and pop-up laundry bag from Big Lots, for just $8 each. I used 2 shelf hooks as my wall purse hangers, and made a quick loom for decoration.
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.
and just in case you haven’t been on my facebook page lately, we have some BIG news to share:
I’m due sometime in mid-November. So exciting!!!!! What a blessing from the Lord!


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