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 Well, here is an almost completed project that has made a lot of headway. My original boast on facebook last week was to embark on this project and complete it in three days. I almost made it, but the closet mounting on day 3 went a bit haywire for me. My husband had to come to my rescue, fix my mistakes, and finish the job (cause I then injured my back). Sigh. Sometimes it just doesn’t go as planned…, but WHAT A PROCESS!

 what the closet looked like BEFORE. Go ahead, say it with me, “Oh, yuck.”
 DEMOLITION with a super duper 2 year old helper!
 Prying off one of those side closet 2 x 4’s, gave me quite a surprise!!! I found a section of exposed plaster and lath (throughout our whole house unfortunately), AND it was not flush with the rest of the wall. Oh, yeah. That’s definitely a home from the 1930’s.
We had an extra sheet of drywall in the basement, so I cut a piece to fit the lath area. The next step was to then use JOINT COMPOUND everywhere, on every crack, and surface. I used half a GALLON, at least. Literally. Then, after it dried, it was time for:

 Man! Within 30 seconds of me getting out our electric sander in that small, 3’x5′ space, there was at least an inch of dust covering EVERY surface in the room. It wasn’t pretty. Though the bedroom door was shut, and a towel at the bottom door crack, the dust still escaped into my hallway, kitchen, and living room. Very messy. I spent the next few hours cleaning up, washing everything in the room, and mopping. My least favorite part of any project: clean-up. But, the next day, we did the fun part:

 That Saturday morning I started to paint, I learned of a free quart of Clark+Kensington paint available at my local ACE Hardware. Cool! Such perfect timing! I threw Nathan in the car in his pajamas, me without makeup (a first!), and headed to ACE and got some free TURQUOISE paint. I got white at first, and then went back to the store later on to have them tint it to a more FUN closet color, “Grace Harbor.” The primer+paint combo definitely seemed on the thin side to me, but it turned out to be just enough for my little closet. Next up:
I hung two whole racks and made several good sized holes in the plaster wall, before I realized my measurements were off for the closet system we bought. I was pretty tired, angry, and “done” with this project now. There was some door slamming and a good break away. Just about the time I had cooled off and was about to try it again, Steven showed up at home early from work. He definitely came to my rescue as my knight in shining armor! He is so very handy, and it took him about 2 minutes to fix my closet errors and turn the whole project around! Yeah for husband (and a HUGE thank you!!!)!  On day 4 of the 3 day project I hurt my back somehow, and had to take it very easy for the next week. So, Steven finished the closet for us. We just love it now! Oh, the organization, the shelves, the space!!!! Love, love, love!                
What our closet looks like now (above), and what I still need to fix & finish on it, now that I’m doing better (below):
 Let’s take a look at that before (embarrassing), and after (relieving) again, shall we?
Um, yes. Better, right? I thought you’d think so too. Now to get to those few small little things and I’ll be sure to give you an update when I’m finally done. The closet was a huge step (and relief) for us to complete. Now for this spring, I’ve been working on a very exciting project for our bedroom: a new quilt and bedding solution! Here’s a sneak peek: 


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