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Overalls. Such a cute look for boys. I completed this project for Nathan in tribute to my Grandma, Louise Yoho. She loves to sew as much as I do, and so she’s always on the lookout for fabric and items she knows I’d like to sew. Last summer, during one of our visits together, she gave me THIS pattern she found at a garage sale and the above pilot fabric. I was VERY thrilled for the outstanding pattern to fabric combination this would make! I cut it out this past fall, but just got back around to putting it together this last month…just in time for summer! So thankful for my Grandma’s kindness, and for her keen eye for such cute things!
And I love this outfit now for N. I’m really breaking out of my past comfort zone and trying to be more comfortable with COLOR. Mixing red and blues and yellows??? I never would have thought. With a little blog looking around to see what’s happening in boys fashion, a little peek into the mini-Boden catalog (LOVE!), and working up the courage to try new things, I’m starting to just love it!…. And trying to get into the color scene myself. I’m working up to mixing colors, but mixing prints like a stripe with a floral will take a lot more time to grow on me. laugh. Ahem.  I was so thrilled with Nathan’s new overalls, that I wanted to try different color combinations…..  
So, which do you like better? The overalls paired with the red and orange tee, or with the yellow stripe? I’m still deciding myself… Seriously, though, I’d love to know what you think! Are you “at home” with color? Do you dare mix? 
N’s new tee, came graciously from his awesome Uncle and cousin so close by! Thank you, Uncle Pete and Lilly for the fabric donations! Nathan will love wearing his new shirt, especially knowing its from a part of you two! And….not to be too repetitive, but the shirt pattern is again Rae’s flashback skinny tee. My sister says I’m addicted to making them. I think she may be perfectly right!
And because there was a lot of holding that needed to happen this morning during the photo shoot, Mommy got a cameo appearance in some photos. I just love you, my little guy! I love making you clothes to wear! It’s like giving you a piece of my creative heart. 
Celebrating OUR boys can be so much fun and so rewarding. When we celebrate them, we see and show them the value we place in them. Even more importantly, it shows them their worth that is rooted in Christ. So, how can you take time today, this week, to celebrate the BOY(S) in your life? Do you have time to play with them, spend time with them, make a call, write a letter? 
Life truly has so many things to celebrate. I hope you will choose to celebrate in your own way today. 
I hope you have enjoyed my “CTB”, Celebrate The Boy, series this week as much as I have! Thank you for reading, for your encouragement, for your lovely comments! You all are so wonderful, and give me the motivation to keep doing what I love!


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