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I’m so sorry to all of you who may have been “checking-in” here this past week, and I was post-less. Sigh. During this last week, I held my baby boy until he was back to perfect health, and completed a whirlwind of sewing for my said boy to enter into the Celebrate The Boy series I’ve been following oh, so closely, and getting a million ideas from! I’ve also been designing free patterns for you to print and use to sew for your kids, making an upcoming birthday gift, and today I embarked on a single handed  3-day closet renovation. I just don’t know when to stop. It’s just too much fun! I’m sure I’m even thinking of crafts when I sleep, but I love very minute of it.

So, though the Celebrate The Boy series ends this Saturday (officially,…boo hoo, cry…) by Rae & Dana, I will be doing a 5 day celebrate the boy series of my very own (for real this time) this next week, so stay tuned. As much as I love sewing for my little guy all the time, I’ve been longing to branch out and make some sewn items for a few other kids I love very much too! My sister, Amy, has four kids, ages 5, 7, 9, 11. They are all so wonderful, each unique, each super fun to have as my nephews and niece! Last fall I came across this book (off amazon here) and bought it right away to make Lilly (my niece) some new clothes for this year.

In my excitement I thought I would make her all the dresses in one month. As unrealistic of an idea as I later realized that would be, I’ve now curbed my initial excitement to a dress-a-month, or so… is the way I will go with it. I started her first dress last week during a nap time, and to my astonishment, finished it that same day. I was very excited with how it came out. And Lilly was pleased with it too! This little girl LOVES to wear dresses…and only dresses (well, and skirts too, that is).
Carefree Clothes for Girls is definitely for the advanced and experienced sewer (in my evaluation), However, the book provided a perfect basis with patterns and vagueish instructions that I met with a challenge, interpreted some things my own way, took Lilly’s measurements into account, and the dress fit her just right. These pajamas I made her in 2011 were a very awkward fit on her for my first knit sewing project, but the pajamas & dress I made her this last Christmas were thankfully a winner. Phew. I will chalk it up to more experience under my belt this last year. Horrah for trying again and again. 
This dress is the Blue Patchwork Dress, from the above book. I make the eye hole in the front half as short, eliminated the front button at the collar, and cut down the fullness of the skirt. The fabric is a cozy flannel print from JoAnns.

   I just love this little girl! You are so precious to me, Lilly! I look forward to a whole year of you coming over to my “dress shop” for fittings, new dresses, lots of squealing, and lots of make-believe! And a huge “Thank You” to her Mommy for taking such cute pictures!
Yea for Celebrate The Girl!!!! 


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