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 My first completed project in the 2 week Celebrate The Boy series. A Dino T-shirt for Nathan. For this series, I’m mainly focusing on summer wardrobe pieces for Nathan since that’s mostly what he needs right now. I used Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee pattern (a go-to pattern for me), and the dino print is in the Doodles Collection, available at JoAnn Fabrics.

 I used my serger to finish all the inside seams (although they can be finished well with your machine’s zig-zag stitch (AND you must use a ball point OR stretch needle to sew with….so important!). This lightweight knit had a severe desire to curl at the edges, which many knits do, so I went with it. Instead of folding the edges under, I just let them curl, and then added a few decorative zig-zag stitched rows to the bottom cuff, sleeves, and even the collar. So simple, but fun.
 Another fun staple to Nathan’s summer wardrobe is sun hats. My boy is so very fair, that from his birth I’ve insisted on him wearing hats. He’s gotten used to it, or at least I still hope so. I love using this FREE, printable bucket hat pattern! 
Here are a few reversible sun hats Nathan will be showcasing this summer around town:

 ** Above hat cotton collections available at Jo Ann Fabrics: Nursery Prints & Keepsake Calico
 See Nathan in some of his past Mommy-made hats..
star hat
Sunburst Hat
Easter Hat
Some of the AWESOME things happening over at Celebrate The Boy this week so far!!!!
Don’t miss out!!!!
And soon I’ll be adding more to the C.T.B. photo pool on flickr!
Some thoughts on this week for the Hoover’s before I let you go just yet….
Sometimes you can make the best of plans, have all the best intentions, keep yourself on the most organized game plan, and yet your plans can change in an instant. Change is life I’ve been told. I’m only 33, but should be old enough to not be shocked or disrupted by plans changing. Maybe I’ll realize this someday.  And then sometimes the change of plans that come up produce the most effective use of your time after all. I’m mainly talking about the recent change of plans that happened in our family this week. 

This past weekend I was gearing up for many posts on my own “CELEBRATE THE BOY” series. Many clothes for Nathan were started, many remain unfinished. Only one photo shoot happened. My husband changed schedules at work. My husband started online school. Our baby toddler little man got sick. Some of my best moments this week have been in going through every outfit change possible for Nathan to keep him dry, letting the laundry pile up, experiencing the relief of having my husband do the dishes, and most important of all, getting to cuddle with my son around the clock for a few days. I may not have all the stuff sewn yet that I want, or great & fun posts written yet, but I’ve had the chance to cherish many precious moments with my wonderful (and sometimes plan-changing) family. 
You know that verse is pretty right in Proverbs 16:9, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”     
Certainly the Lord is directing my steps, and we are thankful for the many miracles He’s brought and His intervention in our daily lives.


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