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Seriously, we love these three films. They are great! Two weeks ago I bought a new Oliver + S pattern at our awesome local sewing shop to make for Nathan. I loved the raglan shirt and whipped him up one quick in a size 2T (though it’s still a little large on him now). I think it took me longer to cut the pattern and fabric than it took me to sew it. Everything is faster with a serger (I love mine), but any knit clothing can be successfully done with a regular machine using a ball point or stretch needle (and a zig zag stitch).
I eliminated the front chest pocket from the pattern, and opted to do a freezer paper stencil instead. I recently ran across some wonderful bloggers who have made “film-inspired” clothing for their children in a series entitled film petit. SERIOUSLY cute stuff! These are some talented sewers! Steven and I are also fond of the movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and I enjoyed looking at their spectacular renditions of Ferris, Cameron, and Sloane! If you are a fan as well, you must check them out!So cute!!!!
In honor of film petit, I decided to stencil Back To The Future on Nathan’s shirt. In the future I will have to copy a whole character-look, as these women have. It looks like too much fun!

 To make a freezer paper stencil:
1. Draw design on matte side of freezer paper. (I traced printed out logo from online) ..stencil paper is easily available at your grocery store by the foil and plastic wrap. A huge roll is about $5.

 2. Cut out design with an X-Acto knife.
3. Iron design to t-shirt.

 4. Using fabric paint, stamp inside design.
5. Wait at least 10min, or until dry, to peel off your stencil (stencil only usable once).
6. After 24 hours, iron the front and back of your design to heat set.
7. Wash and wear.

 I’m not sure who had more fun at N’s photo shoot….

…our little guy is such a hoot! What a character! We are just having too much fun here at the Hoover household!

Just cause I know you’re going to love it, I also posted this shirt as a kick off to me sewing along (of sorts) with Rae and Dana for Celebrate the Boy 2013. During the next two weeks, I will be posting in their flickr pool (hopefully a lot) with more home-sewn items for Nathan. I am so excited! I have had some projects cut out and set aside for literally months for N, and now I have a reason to tackle them! Woohoo! They held a Celebrate the Boy in 2011, and I am still stealing loving ideas from all those talented people! Ooohhh…. sewing groups, a sew-a-thon, sewing pools of pictures, new patterns to try…be still my heart!!! On with the adventure I say!


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