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I have cooked many things over my lifetime, and have built up a skill of sorts to cook …. But, one thing that has about defeated me EVERY time I cook it, is the classic chocolate chip cookie. I just have never been able to make them right. And this frustrates me because I do love them so much! Anyone with me??? Mine either have turned out too greasy, too flat, too puffy, too whatever.

A few weeks ago, Steven requested some chocolate chip cookies, and I spilled out to him my laments about baking this item. He quickly told me that with a few adjustments to the Nestle Tollhouse recipe, the cookies would come out perfect every time. Due to my continued disbelief, he made them for me with his perfected recipe. He was right. It worked. I couldn’t believe it. Can I make these kind myself and have them come out perfectly every time, I wondered. Well, I’m happy to report, YES they will!

These are done on the outside, still chewy inside, just enough chips inside, NO Crisco used (a cooking rule in our house), and a good balance of everything else. For all those of you who struggle like me to attain the perfect cookie, here you go. No more searching. No more thrown out cookies. I promise (minus errors of the baker…lol).

Steven made a PDF document of this recipe that you can print out for your collection. Print it here for yourself. The secret really is in the sugar….the ratio of brown to white sugars that is!

               Hoover’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

       Download PDF Recipe Here.

If you make a batch, please be sure to let me know how they worked out for you!



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