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When Steven mentioned that word, Origami Bonsai, my first word was,”what is that???” I had never heard of it until he showed me a book he just got by mail. It is out there. It is VERY pretty. When in my care, plants don’t last long in our house (if Steven takes care of them, they usually thrive). Origami is a fine way to display a bloom always blooming in our home. I’m also loving that I get to display some of the wonderful talents my husband has (Papercraft is just one of many….)!! His new centerpiece is the perfect compliment to my new, printed table scape. I’m so thankful I got to watch his process throughout it all.

I set the table the other day just to take a picture. I thought I was going crazy. I usually don’t go too-o-o-o out of my way to show you all pretty pictures, but with a few loving requests, I set the table. And I’m glad I did. The new table scape is surely a perfect fit for our design style and home… the kind of lovely we needed so desperately in this space. My sister, Julie, was the first lunch guest that we had the pleasure of having over today to enjoy in our new setting. The great company was what made it valuable, after all.
Thank you, husband! You always enrich my life and amaze me is so many ways!


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