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 This man will always be my Beloved. He will always be my Valentine : ). I’m more than overjoyed for that! (This was our wedding photo from 2004). We normally don’t go all out for Hallmark’s holiday of Valentine’s Day, but we both do try to share some creative words of encouragement to one another. And I’m good with that. We already keep our house well stocked with enough chocolate!

Here was my homemade card for Steven:

And here was his homemade gift to me:  (origami roses and a leaf embellished love note)
…The funniest part about our gifts to one another is that we both did them the night before, and while sitting in the same room for the evening! Ha! We’re not much for surprises, or thinking too ahead I guess : )! 
Last year my Mom and I started a fun tradition of sorts of hosting a Valentine’s Day party for the kiddos in our family….all five of them. Check out all the fun that we had together last year
This year we had our party today (Friday). The kids (N’s cousins) came over at 9am, my Mom a little before, and we started the party with breakfast. My cool Mom made heart shaped waffles, and we had the kids drink strawberry lemonade with love arrow straws (construction paper hot glued onto bendy straws). They loved it! 

 We made Valentine Martian hats (Aunt Joy’s idea, ..ha ha ha!) for our first craft:

 (kind of a grainy picture above, but the only one with me and my nephews…I had to put it in!!!) Awesome hat makers, no doubt! I walked around all morning doing a “martian dance,” making my pipe cleaner antennas wiggle and my nephews giggle! So much fun!
 Then we looked in our treat bags Mammo (aka my Mom) put together….
…and we watched the kids eat a lot of candy that was inside.
 Then we opened some valentine’s cards and had the kids put them into their Valentine’s heart baskets. Check out the tutorial I made that follows this post!… Or, just click HERE to learn how to make your own!
 And we played games with candy pieces….
And ran a version of musical chairs, except they stepped on numbers and got rewarded with scoops of M&M’s. Yum!
 The night before the party, Nathan helped me dye some macaroni with rubbing alcohol and food coloring….
 …and then we used it for craft #2 at the party: Pasta Valentine Shapes/Martians/Well, whatever they wanted to glue down on paper that is…
…or one that just wanted to draw, and another that just wanted to play with the dry pasta. You just have to roll with it, ya know?!    
It was a Valentine’s party, but we mainly wanted to get across to the kids TWO things:

1. Let them know how much they are loved.
2. How much God loves them and always will, unconditionally and forever. (I Corinthians 13:3-7)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 
Hope you were reminded of how much you are loved.
Because you genuinely are.


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