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 Steven and I had some friends over for dinner a few weeks ago, and it struck me as I was preparing for their visit: I have NO tablecloths (besides plastic art covers), no napkins, not even a centerpiece to use for even a modest table spread. I guess what that really says is that we don’t have guests over as often as we’d like to. Ahem. I’m sure we’ll fix that too this year. So, for dinner that night, I grabbed a spare piece of fabric I had upstairs and threw it on the table…literally. “After tonight,” I thought,”I will definitely remedy the problem of not having any table dressing.”  And last week, I got to work.

I sewed up the ends of that fabric remnant I “threw” on the table that night, giving it a finished look. Then, I grabbed my ALWAYS- inspiring craft book by one of my favorite Swedish designers, Lotta Jansdotter, called Stencils. She makes it so easy and look so pretty! I’m always in love!

I already had these great fabric paints from a clearance sale at Michael’s when we used to live in Florida. I’ve used them to stencil many things, but predominantly t-shirts, curtains, pot holders, bags, and more t-shirts (using freezer paper stenciling method).

I made an easy STENCILING TUTORIAL just for you (using plastic film), while I made my own table runner and cloth napkins (out of muslin fabric): ….for a freezer paper stenciling tutorial, go HERE.

Supplies Needed:
Quality Fabric paints (I use Pebeo)
A natural bristle stenciling brush
A container lid (for a palette)
something to stencil on (I’m using fabric here)
Plastic stencil film (available at craft stores)
an X-acto knife
an ink pen

                         Michael’s Arts & Crafts  //   //   //  Ebay

 I need to finish the edges on those cloth napkins, and heat-set and wash my linens still, but my table 
dressing is almost complete. Steven and I are ready for our next dinner guests! We make some pretty 
good food at our house I hear…. here is what yumminess was baking in our kitchen today (by Steven): homemade pretzels. Recipe by Alton Brown found HERE. These won’t last long, I promise!
Another Stenciling project I have been quite amazed by and in love with recently was the closet to playroom remodel my sister just completed for her daughter (my niece).

Here is what Lilly’s closet looked like before. Two hanging bars, with storage behind. Amy simply
transferred Lilly’s hanging clothes to a new location, and began the awesome transformation to a playroom.

Amy repainted the closet in a pretty light blue, added hanging hooks around the sides, stenciled
these shabby chic looking stencils all around (LOVE this!!!!), and added some very special details.

I just adore Lilly’s new space! What little girl would not LOVE a secret space to play in, to hide in, to get dressed up in, to be reminded she’s beautiful just the way she is? I know I would. 
Thank you for letting me share this special place you’ve created, Amy! And thank you for the pictures to share!
Hope you enjoyed stenciling along with me! I hope it gets your creative juices flowing! I would just love to host a stenciling party/class at my house!!! Anyone interested?
Have a blessed day!


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