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It just started off yesterday as that kind of day. A day where it’s noon already, and you’re still in your pajamas. I went with it. In the morning I was hanging out in our dining room playing with Nathan, and I happen to glance over at our very plain “art wall”. Yep, very boring,” I thought. It needed something…..some Inspiration and Imagination, perhaps? Steven and I started talking about it, and soon he was downloading super cool new fonts for me, and translating art phrases. We are a great match, my man and me. Here’s what came of our conversation and completed that same day. 
 Steven gave me a quick calligraphy demo on how the German writing should look : ). He does speak it pretty fluently after all…
 I drew top and bottom horizontal lines on the wall with the yard stick. Nothing too fancy, as I wanted this to be a “quick” project. Sometimes my crafting demands an immediate result…and I always hope for a positive result on the first try. If a project I try doesn’t work out like I had hoped, it usually gets shelved/stored with doubts of ever returning to it. It’s a big craft world out there after all. Always something new to try.
 And I shouldn’t have been so confident about my free-handing. I missed the stupid “N” in EinbilduNgskraft! Grr! I was so mad. There was a little stomping of my foot and a declaration that I didn’t want to go downstairs and get the primer and paint out. I needed another way, and behold…..

 An “Ah, Ha” moment! Did you know that rubbing alcohol takes acrylic paint off a wall? Well, I was just as surprised as you, but joyfully thrilled. I wiped some letters off, and I was good to add that missing “n.” I slowed down a bit after that.

 And here we are now. Oh, so much better! Maybe it needs even MORE words? Maybe. But we like it a lot better now.
                             Professio Parietis: (Latin)- Art Wall
                             Einbildungskraft: (German)- Imagination
                             Vitrine d’ art: (French)- Art Showcase
                              Arte: (Spanish)- Art

  Nathan saw me drawing and painting on the wall and he wanted in on the action. I gave him some dry erase (WASHABLE!!!!!) markers,and he drew, and drew, and drew! I just love my little boy! (psst…rubbing alcohol also takes off little kids’ imaginative drawings off walls and furniture! Whew!)

Haben Sie einen wunderbaren und fantasiereichen Tag! 
(Have a wonderful & imaginative day!)

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