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I thought you may enjoy seeing glimpses of our Christmas before it gets taken down tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow I think I will make the time. It was such a great celebration of laughter and unconditional love this Christmas. The best in a long time. We are so thankful for this season, and glad to walk into the next, seeing just what the Lord wants to do in our hearts next (specifically mine). 
With Christmas passed, and the new year just behind us, we are trying to embrace the winter here that
is already upon us. I am an Ohio girl, but find my heart, and often my internal thermometer, misses the days and warmth of Florida. I’m 33, but never to old to help my son build his first snowman. ever.

 Watching some seedlings emerge that Steven planted many months ago; four types of trees that (he hopes) will turn into bonsai projects for himself. Yes, joy and new life are all around us.

 Our house. Simple. Covered in snow, yes. But, I’m still smiling at the yellows and grays. love.

 Considering some new projects with a few craft books I “gifted myself” for Christmas this year:

 This is a completely FREE book of little girls clothing. unfinished. vintage. a certain style, most definitely. A little fine tuning, brighter prints, and some finished hems, and I’ll be making my niece, Lilly, some fantastic new outfits this spring!

And, before you ask, I’m NOT expecting. Well, yet anyways, that I know of. But, this book also caught my eye when S and I went to Barnes & Noble for a coffee date a few weeks back. I have NO IDEA how to knit. But I have some very kind friends that do, and I’m feeling more ready than ever to want to learn, and to give it a try at least. These baby projects seem like a good start, and would always be great gifts, right? So, here we go!
Welcome winter.  Welcome new beginnings. Welcome new visions of all you want to do in me, Lord. Happy New Year and a great start to 2013, friends!


Joy2Sew is a sewing business specializing in bridal alterations, custom costume creations, sewing lessons, and pdf patterns for children's costumes.

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