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Well, I’m back. I couldn’t stay away after all. Thoughts of blogging and making sure I take pictures of this craft and that craft that I’ve done these last three months has about drove me nuts! I couldn’t seem to get rid of Blogger’s Brain (that’s a real thing, right?).  While I have been posting exclusively on my facebook page, I guess it wasn’t enough for me after all….Ha! So, hope you don’t mind, but, we’ll be restarting where I left off. Blogging is just too great of a craft outlet for me. I have ideas….oh, so MANY ideas! So, here we go! I sure hope you can’t wait!

  • I am making homemade granola from SouleMama‘s blog (one of my favorites!) for my family. So yummy I tell you!!!
  • Sorting everything out on the table, adding tags, checking my list twice a million times to make sure I haven’t missed anyone.
  • I love these free printable gift tags that I stumbled on last week. So my style!
  • Laying out some soon-to-be treasured “Fort Kit bags” I made to give to my friends.
  • Trying to cram in two more crafts before Christmas Eve….oh, and then there’s still more cookies to be made. Ah, yes, the realization that you’re still not done “making.” 
  • As a “crafter” will I ever believe that I’m ever done and ready for Christmas? There’s always something more I wanted to make to give away! Always.
  • Awesome on my first try — homemade lip balm. So quick and easy. I think I made 26 of them!
  • Putting some touches on so said lip balm. Yes, my favorite gift so far I think.
  • I made a really quick go-to bag for my Grandma while Nathan took his nap today. This one was very basic, but I’m so glad it came together so quickly! And ya know, having something work out as you had planned is a definite blessing when you are working against the clock! Phew. That terriffic chevron duck canvas was from Hobby Lobby, oh yes!
  • And I even have Nathan helping me make some last minute gifts too! Well, they are more like his gifts to his Mamo and Papo (grandparents). The one pictured was inspired by this post on my Pinterest board. I’m not sure if N painted more on the canvas, or his hands, but oh, well!

    I hope you all are very blessed indeed this Christmas season! Happy last-minute crafting (like me), and may all your projects turn out EXACTLY like you had intended!


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