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I painted again! It felt so good! In July, my friend, Hannah, was desiring someone to come paint some small mural-like pictures on the wall in her little girl’s room. We talked about it a lot, and she thought about what she might like me to paint. She decided on a dog chasing butterflies. So cute!

I sorted through some of Nathan’s children’s books that I had, and found a book from Chick-fil-A about the dog, biscuit. He was cute. I chose him.  I looked on photo bucket for some real pictures of butterflies, printed them out, and went from there. I let Hannah’s older two boys chose the colors that each butterfly would be. I think they enjoyed that.

I started by drawing Biscuit freehand, while I glanced at my children’s book. Later on, I realized it probably would have been much easier and quicker to have used the projector to get the image on there just right. But, ya know, I was practicing. It is not perfect, but it came out okay. Next time I will use the easier way. Ahem.

And Biscuit started getting filled in with layers of acrylic paint.

While I stared at my painting forever that day, it wasn’t until I nearly left that I realized I forgot to give Biscuit a nose. We then fixed that.
Her boys were so fascinated by the whole process. We took time to pause, and have an art lesson by “Aunt Joy” on how to mix colors. They are so smart and learned quick, those boys of hers!

The boys requested that all of their sister’s butterflies be smiling. So, we fixed that too.

I continued the fun on another day the following week, by painting this on an adjacent wall:

Hannah didn’t have any curtains in her daughter’s room yet, as they had just moved into this new home, so with some fabric remnants I had at home, I made her a couple of panels to hang. The curtains brought a finishing touch to the adorable room she had set up for her little girl.

Hannah and I.

I enjoy your friendship, Hannah, and your loving family. Thank you for letting me come paint on your walls! I enjoyed it oh, so much! I’m sure your boys are still requesting their own murals?


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