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As you know, on my birthday last Saturday, I started a new dress. The previous day I received some compliments from my family on the shirt I wore to my birthday dinner. I had made the yellow gingham shirt about 4 years ago, while we lived in Florida. It was a Project Runway inspired pattern that I had bought after watching a few seasons on Lifetime and falling in love. I also adored this pattern! It needed some adjustments in sizing on the pattern, but I do admire the neckline on this top.

I got into my “to recycle garments” pile in the corner of my sewing area, and pulled out this orange and white stripe polo my husband owned. He only wore it a few times, and frustratingly (for me) somehow got a small hole in the top right front area of the shirt. I couldn’t repair it without it being noticeable, so what better thought, than to turn it into a dress for me. Oh yes. I definitely will.

I started with this (husband’s shirt):
 And added trim (and length) with this leftover turtleneck:
I used this pattern (Simplicity #2922) :
And ended up with this:

 And I added front pockets (using the sleeves from Steven’s polo shirt):
The back view:

 This is now probably the MOST COMFORTABLE dress I own. And, incidentally, the small hole is now repaired and so discreetly hidden on the lower back side of the dress. Making it all from knit, and soft knit at that, made it oh, so soft and stretchy. LOVE. I started sewing when I was in 6th grade. I’ve been scared of sewing with KNITS ever since. I’m serious….until last year, that is. I read THIS on Made By Rae, and all was set at complete ease! I had been missing out all those years on making clothes with stretch knits, and all the while it was literally SO EASY. I had no idea. All I really needed to make it work so easily was to use/buy a stretch OR ball point sewing machine needle. Who knew?
So, I have found my new love in sewing!

 And what sweet poses usually appear on the blog…but this is what is usually going on, to be totally honest:

Aww, love you, my little man!
Mommy needs to be making you some new knit pajamas…that fit. We’ll be seeing about that soon, now won’t we.
Have a great and wonderful week, friends! And I’m sure there will be even more sewing soon!


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