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Saturday I turned 33. It was the best birthday I’ve had for years! Just great! Want to see some footage from my special day? Great! I was sure hoping you would! Here come…way too many pictures of me enjoying myself!


got flowers in the mail from my INCREDIBLY AWESOME husband!!!

And a sweet note that made my day year.

I watched while my husband made me (from scratch, mind you) this beyond awesome yumminess mocha pie. It’s a labor of love to make, but it is worth it on such an occasion let me tell you!
That evening we went to my parent’s house and had my special birthday dinner with all my family. The food my Mom made, and sister helped with, was out of this world good! Then, there was some present opening…..

….by my son : )

He even tried to take off with Lilly’s gift to me of chocolate hazelnut wafers! No, son, come back!

I received WONDERFULLY made clay bunnies, a rocket ship, and a palm tree from my awesome 3 nephews!

Received some pretty new clothes to wear, that will hopefully make me now look like I’m in fashion : )!

And lots of coffee, and lots of chocolate. And more chocolate. Hopefully I can make it through the winter months now, with my chocolate stock up! Yes, it’s a frightful addiction!

There was even a Death By Chocolate Cake the kids helped my Mom make for me. So YUM!!!!! My candles were lit twice, but I didn’t blow any out. It’s WAY more fun to let the kids do that part for you, ya know?!!!

Nathan shared my cake with me, and then said he was done.

Only to climb onto his Daddy’s absent chair, say “Mmm!” grab the fork, and proceed to help himself to Daddy’s portion too! My cute red head may very well love chocolate as much as I do!
watched my thoughtful husband do all the dishes, clean up the kitchen, and make us this delectable fritatta for breakfast!
Steven, Nathan & I then went out shopping for a few hours to an antique store, garage sale, and our favorite local coffee shop.

I made time throughout the day to smell my roses. In addition to my aromatic flowers, Steven surprised me with 4 generous gift cards to some of my favorite stores: Old Navy, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, and Bath& Body Works. What a man!

During Nathan’s nap time, I snuck upstairs by myself for a bit to do some selfish sewing….a new dress for myself (before summer gets away), using this shirt of Steven’s and

this leftover portion of a clearanced knit turtleneck from Walmart. The other portion of it I used to make part of Nathan’s Easter outfit earlier this year. A few alterations, and I’ll soon be ready to model my new dress for you!

I watched the mocha pie disappear pretty rapidly over the day….In fact, this may be the only piece left. I did share with Steven & Nathan, I promise.
So, turning, 33 was pretty awesome. Perhaps next year I’ll be 33 again. Thank you all for making it absolutely SO SPECIAL for me! Love you all!


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