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Yes, seriously! What’s wrong with me? I honestly didn’t realize I was “up to my ears in projects” until my friend emailed me recently and asked what I was up to, since I hadn’t updated my blog. As a result I’m discovering:  I thrive on projects. I claim to be an “un-busy” person. I am very often at home, and enjoy quiet days just playing with my son. So, why does so much go on here all at the same time?

Right now (within the past week) I:

 Have brought in more new veggies from my garden (not the best this year starting out and with the drought, but we’ve had a small harvest and are thankful for what we’ve gotten).

 Used these freshly picked apples (thank you Mom, Peter, & Ben!!!) from my Grandparent’s orchard to make 4 canned jars of Cinnamon Roasted Applesauce. YUM!

 Watched my culinary husband can refrigerator pickles for the first time. YUM again. These are officially the first and only pickle I can actually tolerate eating. Thanks, my Love, for doing all the work, and for being excited to help with do my project ideas for me!!!

 Brought our kitchen receptacle into the modern age by changing it (HOT, no less….not recommended! This is the only outlet in our house tied into the main shut off, so, had no choice really but to wear gloves and hope I didn’t get buzzed.) I know you think I’m crazy now, unless you already were convinced of that before…haha!

 Didn’t forget to wear those gloves!

 Ahh….USB ports right into the wall. So great!

 Thank you, Lowe’s, for this new modern age piece of electric genius!

 And thank you, Pinterest, for suggesting I use those silly, silly bread clips to serve an actual purpose in my home, than to let the bread go stale.

 Looking at and arranging, and re-arranging a huge pile of frames to hang and display on my dining room wall, well….perhaps next week finally?

 Bought a 10 foot piece of steel pipe at Lowe’s on Thursday (tucked it over so gently thru my small car to bring it home. Inward car space…exactly 10 feet, front to back. Whew!), and some pipe straps and mounted it on my dining room wall to create my very own art gallery! I hung up Pete’s original painting (LOVE IT!!!!!) with framing wire from the pipe. Total cost of project: $15.50. Gallery to celebrate the BEST art I’ve ever seen: Priceless!!!!

 And for those cozy evenings, snuggling up beside my wonderful husband on the couch watching many seasons of Farscape, I have my crochet hook in my hand making the only thing I know how to crochet: dish rags. Some may end up as Christmas presents, no doubt!

 Another wonderful project (this one has been in the works for about 4 months and ongoing…lol)…Steven and I have completely restored this baby rocking chair my Dad used when he was a boy. I have been simply amazed, impressed, and head over heels over the stellar job my hubs did refinishing these side arm braces. Wowee!!! I can only lay a simple claim to recovering the thing with new foam and fabric using my handy staple gun. Now if I can only get to finishing that toddler-proof, washable slipcover…..

 And if all that above was STILL not enough to keep me occupied, I have received this desk from my sister, and have had it outside (on my front porch….) repainting it over the last 5 days.

 Thankfully, almost done with the new desk now. Waiting for the final coat to dry outside. Remounting hardware. Now if I can take all my file folders downstairs for relocation, and sell my current filing cabinet on Craigslist soon.

Made another trip to JoAnn Fabrics’ last night to pick up the remainder of items I needed to recover two living room chairs with new slipcovers (to be sewn by me, of course).

Now, I’m starting to think I am busy. But, when you ask me if I’m busy I’ll always say “no.” I’m just always trying to stay productive. I guess that means being “into” about a million projects all at the same time. But, the truth is, it’s always like that around here. And, that’s probably why some of my projects take months to complete. For me, though, I’ll usually lay down any craft in progress to spend time hanging out with my family, or help in making something for a friend or family member.

And, I happened to marry a great guy who I am exactly like in this area!
Steven’s current project list (all working on simultaneously too): restoring 2 beautiful cuckoo clocks, creating a Rinzler outfit (from Tron) for Halloween (I think…or to sell), constructing 2 different super-detailed paper model airplanes, re-installing a bracketed ceiling fan in our kitchen, about to learn about restoring vintage pocket repeater watches, and teaching Nathan to color on his (S’s, not Nathans) Ipad. This is what living in a completely creative home is like. And…. I love every minute of it!
Thank you all for reading, for checking in on me, for making sure I’m not going craft crazy, and for loving what I do. You all are simply wonderful!


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