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Actually, what is fantastic about living in Ohio is that we have some of the BEST metroparks….in the world….I think. We visit one in particular quite often. They have a lovely working old farmstead. We attended their “down on the farm days” recently. Very fun! There were watermelon seed spitting contests, potato sack races, and live animals everywhere to see and touch! We can’t ever leave there without also visiting the penny candy store in the basement of the old red barn. It’s just wonderful!

I love getting my baby boy aquainted with all the animals. He loves to explore and point over and over to all of the animals and say, “oohh, ooh.”

An extra special treat that day was his cousins visiting the farm with us that day! I know we just live across the street from them, but getting to go on an outing with them was even more fun! Boy does Nathan LOVE his cousins!!!

And I sure do love my niece and nephews too!They are getting so big so fast! : )

  I videoed all the kids taking part in the races. And then, lo and behold, the announcer called forth any adults 16 and over to race. Woohoo! I was excited! I didn’t win, but it was a blast for me to race alongside my sister! Those teenagers were just a nose ahead of us and won! Oh, well!

Waiting for their turn to race.

This pod was growing on the tree above, and I don’t know quite what it was called, but Ben sure wore it well!

Peter looking every bit of his 10 year old self. I hope he still thinks his Aunt is cool to hang around with for a few more years!

Aww, my sweet, Lilly. I love how you wear Princess dresses everywhere, still love to sit on my lap, and tell me every word of what I should say when we play make believe together. I’ll remember our special times forever.

Heading to the candy store, and the play kitchen in the barn.

Watching our little one grow so fast as well. Cherishing every moment. My, how I love being with my family!


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