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Ready to leave out

Car was packed. tight. very tight.

A very ready to go camper.

When we got to the metropark site, it was raining very hard….sideways, in fact. So, we waited in the car till the worst of the weather passed. When it was just sprinkling, Steven sacrificially and energetically set up some of our camp gear, while Nathan and I stayed dry in the car. I watched Nathan practice taking the car key in and out of the ignition about a 100x in half an hour : ). He so enjoys the simple things.

When the rain finally stopped, Nathan was excited to start his first camping experience. We reserved a secluded spot, down a long path in the woods. And did I mention its completely free to camp at our metroparks? Yes. VERY cool! You just need to bring enough batteries and water, as they aren’t supplied (the outhouse and toilet paper are however : ) )!

Overview of our private site.

Our VERY happy camper!

Nathan getting his first instruction on how to shoot an airsoft gun. (Daddy says: “Nathan with his first HK”) We’re apparently starting him out very young.. ha ha

And it took only a few minutes for Nathan to discover how fun it was to throw things into the large fire ring.

Steven did most okay ALL of the set-up with such grace, while I watched the little guy, kept him out of too much trouble, and took mounds of short videos of him.

Loving the walkie-talkies….so many buttons!

Bubble fun too.

We had a great first night! We loved our site, we slept very well, but due to inclement weather forcasted for the next few days, we decided to gather it all up and head home the next morning. We were looking forward to having the rest of our family join us that evening for dinner and to camp, but instead, my sister just opened up their house to all of us that evening for  a very lovely cookout. We will be rescheduling our extended campout this fall, and are looking forward to it with excitement (as long as its still not 104 degrees outside then)!

Nathan has the keys out, ready to head home for the day. He is wondering how soon we get to go camping again, though!

After we came home, we cleaned up and then enjoyed “steamy” ice drinks, courtesy of the leftover dry ice in our cooler.

So much fun to drink!

Looks lethal to drink, doesn’t it? You should give it a try sometime….or for Halloween. What a cool treat and surprise for the kids!

After our drinks, we went out to have an incredible breakfast at the Pancake House, ran some errands, and then joined my family for a wonderful evening dinner together. We made sure to find a way to make those campfire smores after all!


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