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Continuing on my journey through our excellent vacation to TN:
Here is Nathan & Ellie enjoying themselves thoroughly in the sprinkler and the pool:

One of our days together we went to Tennessee Safari Park. There was one part that you could drive through in your car, and… if you dared, feed the animals from your car window. We dared it, of course! The other part was a walking around mini-zoo. This Safari Park was smallish and family owned, so it made you feel even more “at home” while you were there. We loved it, and the kids, well, would have liked to stay the whole day if we had let them.  It was fun!

The animals were definitely not shy! I was VERY thankful for power windows that day!
“up-down-up-down-up….no, wait….down….that animal is safe. well, maybe.”

Gina and Ellie (14mo)

Joy & Nathan (16mo)

Ahh, encounters with the aggressive, Emu’s. There sure were a lot of them! Steven even tried his hand at feeding them. He said it felt like a machine gun pelting at the food bucket! And I got a lot of smiles and laughs from Brian singing, “Scary Emu” everytime one came running up to the car. Just hilarious I tell you!

Ha ha..even the ostrich seemed a little aggressive approaching the car, so the window was up on this encounter. But, Nathan and Ellie sure were fascinated. And, honestly, so was I!

Our little animals! What cuties!

I love you, Gina! I’m so blessed to have you as my close friend! Meeting you in Florida was absolutely God ordered!
Steven and I have been incredibly blessed to have you and Brian as friends! Just. priceless. to. us.

On Tuesday of our trip I got to participate in my first-ever Kindermusik class! Woohoo! Gina and Ellie invited Nathan and I to attend their first class at her church. Kindermusik is a structured, hands-on, interactive class for your child that teaches and introduces them to music. There was singing, dancing, instrument playing, ball bouncing, sensory objects, you name it…very cool. Gina taught Kindermusik in the past, and is a very talented pianist herself, while her husband is superbly skillful in singing and acting. I see Ellie will just flow and blossom in this music class, taking after her mom and dad!

The kids had a great time! Nathan especially found delight in other toys around the small classroom such as the wooden blocks, all the uncovered electrical outlets (ha ha, sigh), and pushing around the small plastic chairs. Though this class is a series of weeks, we were thrilled to experience it for the first time with Gina & Ellie!

We all had such an incredible time! After I left I told Steven that I thought we should all move in together : )! So thankful for the great time, for letting us come visit, for cooking some great new recipes for us, for your great hospitality, and for your priceless friendship! We cannot wait till our next reunion!
We love you, Scott family!


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