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Steven and I got back recently from our first official family vacation…ever. And we were so very excited to have the opportunity to take that trip down to Jackson, TN, to visit our very good friends, Brian, Gina, and their adorable little girl, Ellie. We stayed with them just short of six days. Very relaxing time, and so very fun! Here are some of the highlights for you all:

On our way we had to stop at several rest stops (and Starbucks : )!!!!) along the way. Nathan was a VERY happy baby on the 8ish hour drive there, but a very unhappy baby on the way back home. I guess he was sad about having to leave his new friend, Ellie! Yes, that was it indeed.

The day after we got there, we went to a local park and the kids adored the slides:

Brian’s sister had a pool, and so we all enjoyed some special times out there with the kids:
Ellie adored the pool, while Nathan wanted nothing to do with it. However, Gina & I discovered they both loved the sprinkler and hose! At one point, I laughed hysterically when Nathan seemed to be explaining thoroughly to Ellie (in baby chatter) the exact method for using a hose to fill a bucket. Oh, my sweet boy!
** I’m having to segment our vacation photos into parts, due to limited photo storage space on here….so be sure to stay tuned for more!


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