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Fabric Storage 
I loved THIS idea from Pinterest VERY much! I have an overflowing abundance of fabric. I’ve been sewing so much, that a lot of it is scrap-sized now. Which….leads to a disorganized, big mess.
This is my art/sewing/everything else space in our finished loft area. I have one half, and my very creative hubby has the other side filled with his paper models, train sets, and aircraft models. I was on the lookout for a bookcase that would fit horizontally in this narrow space near the A-frame roof. Thankfully, my Mom had an extra bookcase that she didn’t need anymore. Turns out…it fit perfectly, and I found out my Dad had built it a long time ago. How extra great is that!
 I just love it. And I spent about an hour folding up all those little scraps! Nathan tried to pull it down today, but I stopped him just in time! Oooohhh…all that work!
 For more storage of those special fabrics like my silk weights, tulle, fur, diaper fabric/PUL, and felt, I nested some decorator-storage boxes, and it worked out just perfectly!
And, just for fun…..
I thought I would show you this:

 This WAS our art/craft room, before our Nathan was born. Steven and I would spend about 90% of our days in this craft room, working hard and having a ton of fun creating!!! In full craft-mode, this is how messy my side of the room would get. I know what you’re thinking….and, you’re right! But, don’t you know that creative people are usually messy? : )
But, when I finally would clean it up, and have a lull in my project list, this is what it would look like. Back to orderly. I do miss the light that poured into this room on my workspace, but it sure is a fine bedroom now for our little guy (and still us parents temporarily)… See what this space looks like HERE now. 
Could you use an extra bookcase on it’s side for extra storage? It would work great for anything….kids toys, in the basement, in the garage….and if you painted the bookcase black or white, it could look very pretty in your living room, like the one from Pinterest! Happy re-purposing everyone!


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