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I pinned THIS idea on my Pinterest Board, which led me to THIS blog.
I followed all most of her directions. I started with the TRAMPA rug from Ikea for $9.00.
It has a very high and thick pile. Perfect for my front door. Shouldn’t blow away like my last one, or two.
I don’t really have a proper word processor on my laptop, so I was unable to do it the “easy way” and print out my font big enough to use as a stencil. So, guess what? I had to draw it larger myself.

I usually don’t struggle with lettering, but this time getting it right was a chore. And since I couldn’t seem to get it perfect, I gave up and just used it anyways.

Thank you, Amy, who has everything I need (and vice versa) just across the street….for the black spray paint to finish my project.
 In the basement I laid down my stencil, used painters tape to hold my stencil down on the rug, and covered the rest in newspaper.

 And I sprayed it. twice.

 And, well…good enough.

 I love it.

And I even think I’ve gotten a few people to chuckle as they come to my front door! Now that is what I was going for! Thank you, Pinterest! Are you following me on there yet????? Sign up in my sidebar…and wait two weeks, or give me your email below, or on facebook, and I’ll “invite” you! Happy Pinning!


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