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 A few days ago I received a large box in the mail. I was excited and surprised to receive a gift just for me! And my husband, who is serving so faithfully in Afghanistan, had the love and thoughtfulness to chose a gift and have it mailed to me to enjoy by Valentine’s Day. He is truly my sweet man! We will be married 8 years this July, and he is still every bit as loving and thoughtful as the day I married him! I love you, Steven!
Now to take that leisure bath, while my little sleeps. uninterrupted. hopefully.
Thank you so much, my Beloved! I love you more than you’ll ever know!
A few pictures from Valentine’s Day here “behind the scenes” of a party my Mom and I threw for my wonderful nephews and niece! What a party!!!! Be watching my sister’s blog, TUNE MY HEART, for how the rest of the party went. There were “hearts” galore, and lots of happy children!
The decorations (thank you, Amy!) showing through in the morning sunrise. I saw it and went, “Aww!”
2 boxes of crayons grated to do THIS craft project.
It turned out great! They looked even better the next morning in the light! I also made THESE. So easy to make, but I didn’t take a picture or string them up. I just threw them at the kids : )!

And how was your Valentine’s Day? Funny, we haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day much in the past, but it has given me an excuse to take an extra moment to focus even more on the ones I love, and to say thank you! I love you all!
And …I completely dove into Pinterest this past week to steal some Valentine’s Day craft ideas, like the one above. Stay tuned for even more DAYS FILLED WITH PINTEREST.


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