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I feel like I’ve taken somewhat of a craft-only binge lately, neglecting my sewing machine for a few weeks. Could be due to my recent addiction to Pinterest? If you’ve been on Pinterest, you completely understand. If not, give it a try off to the right there in my sidebar! You’ll be on there for hours!
So, I have been sewing behind the scenes and even burning the midnight oil on occasion. And here’s some things that I have been working on….
 A giraffe rattle from Lotta Jansdotter’s book, Simple Sewing For Baby.! I’ve made lots more of these cuties at one time. See HERE. To me, they each seem to have a personality all their own!
 And made 3 bibs (so far) for some friend’s baby showers.
Patterns: The top 2 bibs are Lotta Jansdotters (pink and red) design. Out of same book as above.
The bottom one: Simplicity 2924, view F
Fabrics: Top pink one: Hobby Lobby: Red one: Ikea; Bird one: Hobby Lobby.

And I’m still in the middle of a “learning” project for me:
…making fabric training pants for my nephew. So, I’m figuring out how to do this pattern correctly, how to sew knits (for the first time without being scared), figuring out how absorption principles coincide with fabric choices, and helping out my sister and nephew at the same time: PRICELESS!
Here is how my first trainer came out:

Pretty darn cute! But it only won an award for best nap time-only pull-up, after trials. What will work for those overnights? Hmm… the pattern says bamboo fleece and Zorb. “What are those,” I said???? Well, who knows, but I just ordered them online from Wazoodle. Yea for online shopping! Anyone else have any other suggestions out there?
Pull-up/Snap trainer pattern I used HERE….so worth the $10 download!  
And if you have been scared to sew with knits, too, as I have, check out this series of KNIT-erviews on Made By Rae. You’ll suddenly have a lot more confidence! I now own a walking foot and stretch needles. Who knew? All those years I could have sewn beautiful knit garments! : )


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