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Start with an old t-shirt. Make sure the lower half does not have any print or design on it, and one without any side seams. (Note: some pics below may appear a bit grainy, as I had to use a substandard camera at the time…so sorry!)
 Take a pair of scissors and cut strips horizontally, about 1″ in width. No need to be precise here, just cut.
 Take each strip in hand and pull from each end till fabric ring stretches out to its fullest/longest. The strip will roll up on itself, and become “tubular” in shape:
Then, compile all of your individual loops into one pile:
I gathered one side together in my hand. With a strip of leather, measuring approximately 12″-18″ long, I held the starting end lengthwise, and then started wrapping the leather snugly around the fisted loops:
(Note: You can buy leather at Michaels, Joann Fabrics, or a Tandy store)
 I kept wrapping the leather until I got about 5″, or so, from the end:
And when I got to the end, I tucked under my end piece. (Although a little glue gun or E6000 glue would help here as well):
Coil necklace in half, and you are ready to wear it! This blue t-shirt had a tan piece of leather. But, combinations of gray leather on a black t-shirt, or brown on a tan t-shirt would look good as well. Try different combinations!  

 Do you like mine? This idea has become pretty popular on YouTube. Here’s a great video tutorial on doing it. There’s also other ideas on creating t-shirt necklaces….HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Or, if you don’t want your old t-shirts anymore, just pass them along to me and I’ll start crafting with them!


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