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This is what my bathroom normally looks like. With peach tile, you do the best you can. I’m getting used to it. But, the flooring was another issue.

 I was a little too anxious to rip up this vinyl tile, so I forgot to take a true “before” picture. But, as you can see….yuck! There had been some leaks, and it had already lived its day with the last tenants who lived here. Angie’s shower was coming up soon, and so my main motivation for doing this project was to replace the eye-sore before guests came. Well, that motivation did it’s job.

About 9 hours later (over the course of 5 days, during naptimes and late nights), with sticky hands from the vinyl floor adhesive, callouses on my hands from trying to remove the old flooring, and lots and lots of caulk, it was finally finished. And just in time for the party. I finished it the Wednesday before the Saturday party.
And here is my finished project:

And it looks pretty good…on top anyways. The wood underneath tells a different story. Fortunately I married a super handy man, so when he returns home for good from Afghanistan, he said he would tear up the subfloor and lay new wood and new ceramic tiles. Though he was proud of my temporary job, we both know what needs to really be fixed.

But, you, know, that’s kind of like life isn’t it? We often try to mask over the real problem and try to look good just on the surface, showing others only our “best”. But what God really cares about is our heart. Now that’s what is important. What does your heart look like today before the true Master Craftsman?


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