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I hosted a party on Saturday for a VERY special friend, who’s soon to have her 2nd baby soon. I am SOOOOO excited for her! Baby Hannah will be born anytime between Angie’s 3 due dates of:  Jan 26, Feb 3, or March 6th…or well, whenever the Lord says she’s ready to come!
What a great time I had getting ready for the party! With the help of both my creative sister and friend, it all came together so well! Thank you Amy & Johanna for all of your help, creative ideas, and decorations! You both inspire me constantly!
Shower Preparations: 1) Making Tissue Pompoms

directions HERE on my Pinterest board for how to make these easily yourself. The paper lanterns were from Beloved Dollar Tree.
2) Creating Personalized Frames to decorate with:

3) Creating  a Paint Chip Banner:


4) Making Paper Cone Favors for the guests:
Johanna covered these awesome clothespins with scrapbook paper, following my tutorial HERE.
She also helped me by designing these darling paper cones to become favors for the guests. Some were filled with candy, and others were filled with a small beauty kit of a nail file, nail polish, and chapstick. We made the cones by our self-made pattern, but HERE is a good tutorial to follow.
5) Creating Flag Banners:
This great idea was from my sister, Amy! It was so simple, lovely, and made a great decorative addition to my semi-plain living room. I used fabric from my already growing stash, cut the triangles, and sewed them on in a quick row on a piece of ribbon. HERE is where Amy recommended the idea from. LOVE it!
6) The Food Tables:

I used 2 white bed sheets to cover the table, with empty boxes underneath to tier certain food items. A huge “thank you” to Amy, who let me borrow her self-made cake stands, & ton of decorations! I also used several wooden toys Nathan already had in his toy arsenal. And, “thank you” to Johanna too, who helped me make some of the delicious food and punch!
7)The Gift Table:

&…  8)The Party. I know…Finally.
The guest(s) of honor:
The guests:
Playing games:
And taking pictures with close friends:
I love you, Angie! It was such a delight to plan, decorate, and host your shower! We are so excited with you to welcome baby Hannah soon!


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