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This past Saturday I had the privilege of attending a birthday party for a terriffic 2 year old! Steven and I have some military friends from church who’s daughter was turning the big 0-2!  : ). From all the Pinterest pins I’ve been pinning and blog posts I’ve been inspired by, I knew right away what I wanted to make for Madelyn!
Maddie’s Gift: Part I: Buttoned Hair Ties:
 I know you would probably not be shocked to know I already had the supplies to do this craft. I saw this idea recently on one of my favorite blogs I follow HERE. (You will have to scroll down a few posts to see the hair ties – Dec 28th, 2011). There were no directions, but by looking at Amanda’s finished project, I knew just how she pulled them together. I love her material choices, don’t you?!!!

 Here’s how my buttons turned out.

 Then you need some hair bands in coordinating colors

 choose one band for each button

 Using a needle and matching thread to the hair band, sew through eyelet on back of button and secure to hair tie. My hair bands were elasticised fabric, so they were easy to sew through.

That’s it. Then, I looped one end of the hair band over the card, and over the button. The best gift is matching pairs, in case the little girl wears pig tails in her hair.
Maddie’s Gift: Part II: Flowered Hair Barretts:
 Found both of these items at Meijers. The flowers were on clearance in the crafts/scrapbook section. Great find!

 I removed the sticky back to each flower and just hot glue gunned each flower onto the barrett. That’s it. Very easy. And result = super cute!

Maddie’s gift: Part III: Painted Whale t-shirt:
 This yellow shirt above, with the help of some freezer paper, x-acto knife, and some paint, became this below:  (The blue shirt got stenciled for my son’s birthday, but more on that at a later time).
I will show you step by step how I made this whale in my next post. Soon to come! I fell in love with the whale painting HERE.
And, in the midst of all my happy crafting and getting ready to throw a baby shower this weekend and my son’s first birthday party the following weekend, I decided to do this: 

…to my bathroom. I know what you’re thinking…. And you’re completely right! I am really crazy. And I’ve not really been getting much sleep. But, I have been having fun. Even with this floor remodel. Well, guests are coming, and it can’t look like this! Ahh! So, stay tuned for a tutorial on how to stencil a t-shirt, and I’ll show you my bathroom floor completion….well, when I get it done that is. Haha!

Hope and pray you are all having a blessed week so far!


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