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Saw this idea first HERE for the fabric bags. Love Maya’s burlap ones, and will probably make this version soon, but it gave me the idea to make Nathan a toy bag. From watching my sisters’ and friends’ kids, I observed that kids love to carry around a small amount of favorite toys, like to church, Grandmas house, or in the car. I thought this little kid-sized one would be perfect for Nathan!

I made the pattern up by myself and my first mock-up bag in about an hour during naptime, and fell in love! So easy! If I had used stiffer fabric, the bag could have stood up more on its own, but I still like my version. Felt monogram letter stitched on front, Ikea car fabric on outside, and red velvet fabric on inside.

And it holds a lot!
Just his size, Nathan couldn’t wait to dig into it and discover what treasures I hid inside!
I know he’s too small to carry it himself, but it still works for now. Maybe we’ll take it along on our Thanksgiving outing tomorrow, filled up with his favorites to keep him busy!
So what do you think? Could you use one or ten of these around your house too?
Can you think of more uses for these fabric bags?


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