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Project #1: I knew I wanted Nathan to be a mouse for Halloween after I saw THIS photo on flickr. I own this pattern, and was going to make Nathan a full costume….even had it all cut out…..but then I decided I was making it too elaborate for a one-night costume. So, it became just a jacket instead, and I didn’t use the pattern. 

I used this pair of gray sweat pants instead, courtesy of my Mom (Thanks, Mom!).

The cuffs on the pants made terriffic sleeves for Nathan’s jacket. I used one of his current winter coats as my pattern. I also used a fleece hood I already had from another sewing project. The pink on the mouse ears and the tummy area were from a pink bath robe my sister gave me.

And this is how Nathan looked on halloween night. I embroidered the mouse face on the hood and used glow in the dark embroidery floss for the whiskers. I made his slice of cheese rattle from felt, stuffed it with poly-fil and 3 jingle bells, and fabri-tac’ed gold felt circles all over it.

Now, just maybe, this little mouse may get to wear his costume more than just once.

Project #2: Army pants. Ben wanted to be an Army soldier (just like his Uncle Steven…we are honored!), and while he had the vest, the gun, and the hat, he still was missing some pieces. Steven has allowed me to cut up several of his ACU uniforms over the years, but I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make Ben a complete set of pants. Instead, I used what fabric I did have to make racing stripes up each side on pants he already had. I also found extra Airborne patches of Stevens to use as well on the pockets.

I also added one of the cargo pockets from Steven’s pants.

And to cover an already worn in hole in the front, I covered it with a patch. You can’t even tell can you? Now these pants can have extra life left in them!

Ben. Aww, so cute! You look like a terriffic Army Soldier! This picture is from my sister’s blog. See more pictures HERE of her kids all dressed up & their trick or treat story! They are just so cute!

Project #3: My first sewn cloth diaper from “upcycled materials”. I have cloth diapered Nathan for 4 months now, and just love it! I bought a bunch of Bum Genius cloth diapers on clearance a while ago. I bought them on clearance, thinking it wasn’t worth the time or cost to sew them myself. I think I’m still right about that one, but I wanted to try to make one on my own anyways.

The outer fabric is navy blue wool, from a sweater my friend, Tanya, had felted a few months ago. The interior lining is blue microfleece from an Ikea blanket throw I bought last Christmas. And all the velcro I used, I pulled off of remnants of Steven’s old Army uniforms. I made the pattern from a cloth diaper I already had. It was so fun to make, and I look forward to trying it again!

And here’s my biggest project of all. I LOVE being a Mommy and getting to stay home with my little guy! I love you my now 9 1/2 month old sweet pea!


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