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I went to a wonderful birthday party today for a terrific 4 year old! This is the gift that I took.

By suggestion from my creative friend, Johanna, I sewed Charlie a pillow, complete with a bunny friend. She found these pillows on other blogs and thought the idea would be great! She was SO right! I fell in love with the idea right away!  

I free-handed a small bunny to fit inside the pocket, and then made him out of a donated bath robe. Incidentally, the bunny’s whiskers glow in the dark.
And I even added a blanket pocket in the back. I mean what kid does not have a favorite plush toy AND blankie they carry around? I thought after making it, that this would be the perfect idea for kids to take to a sleep over…they have it all in one hand, and it’s easy for little ones to carry.

And a carrying handle.  The striped fabric is from Ikea.  (I got this fabric from the children’s textiles area, but I do not see it listed on their website at this time).

This is cute, 4 year old Charlie!

And a ton of my friends were there from church… , but here’s a few I managed to take a picture of:

Nathan and I with my friend, Johanna.

My friend, Sidney, and her 7 month old son, Mauricio. I agree, “Aww” : )

Arren and Johanna
Joel, the proud Daddy of the birthday girl today.

And Leslie, the talented Mommy, helping her princess out with the gifts and the crowd of kids! They are expecting their 3rd child this next spring…how exciting!!!! And it’s a girl!!!

Is this Charlie, or Rapunzel? I don’t know either, but she’s so super cute! I’d take her home any day!

I think she loved the pillow and her new bunny friend. She was all smiles! Happy Birthday, Charlie!!!


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