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For Art today, Lilly came over, instead of Henry. At my Mom’s suggestion, we tried fingerpainting. I whipped up a batch of some homemade fingerpaint from HERE. I may have cooked it a bit long, but it was decent for the project.

Then I set up this area outside on my side patio. It was kind of windy, so I taped everything down.

And we first tried TOE-PAINTING! Oh, yes! Messy, but so awesome! And the little princess loved it!

The swirling toe designs were the best! The paint was a bit slippery, so my Mom held her up. Oh, those cute toes!

And after we cleaned up our toes, we tried fingerpainting with it too! What a fun time with my niece! I love you, Lilly! Come over soon and watch Barbie Swan Princess with me!


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