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So, did you guess right? What was that white mixture I made yesterday? It was food-grade paper mache’!
                         And that’s what our art project was this week with my nephews.

The Setup:

bowl of newspaper strips. Check.

A bowl each of paper mache’ for each kid. Check. GREAT recipe for it HERE.
A newspaper filled, plastic bag pumpkin for Ben to cover. Check.

And a white one for Peter to cover. Check.

Here was my sample to show them. It had only half-dried by class time.
And here are my adorable nephews up to their elbows in mache’. Actually, they were quite “clean” with it, but I had covered the table and the floor just in case. To encourage untimate creativity, I believe you need permission to make a mess : )!

I love this one! At my husband’s suggestion, Ben and I also mache’d some balloons I had, in order to make some masks later on. After the mache’ dries, you simply pop the balloon, and cut out your mask and paint. The more layers of mache’ the sturdier it will be.
And here are how the boy’s mache’d pumpkins turned out! Pretty good! Next time they will get to paint them!

And before you give me too much credit, this wonderful idea came from THIS great blog. The only modifications I made to her tutorial were I stuffed wads of newspaper into 2 plastic bags, and then rubber banded them. I also skipped the plastic wrap on the outside, and it still worked just fine.

                                  Great job, boys! I LOVE having you over for Art/Craft time!!!


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