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The fall time is so wonderful! I adore taking Nathan on long walks around our neighborhood, pointing out all the trees turning, showing him all the different kind of leaves that God created, and his plan for the seasons. With my husband being in Afghanistan right now, he’s missing out on some seasonal changes, like the falling leaves.

 I got the idea to send him some leaves in his next care package, but I knew they would all deteriorate and crumple up in the mail. My Mom taught kindergarten, 1st and 3rd grade, and is skilled at crafts…..and so she recommended that I iron the leaves between wax paper. Brilliant! That way I can send “the fall” to Steven! Maybe you’d like to collect leaves at your house, and make it an art project for the kids. Here’s how:

First, gather your supplies. You will need an iron, place to iron (I only ironed on a towel because it was easier for me), wax paper, and colorful leaves.

Next, lay out your leaves, face up, on one layer of wax paper. Place leaves relatively close together. Top with another layer of wax paper.

On top of both layers of wax paper, place a tea towel or handkerchief. Iron on top of tea towel by pressing an area for 10 seconds, picking up the iron, and pressing another area.

When your wax paper looks like this after pressing, you’ll know you’re done. The leaves are now coated with the wax.

Then, peel the 2 layers of wax paper apart and peel off your leaves.

You will now have a great stack of waxed colorful fall leaves, like me. What will you do with your leaves? Please share your creative idea below!


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