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Amy brought over today a large box of my childhood memories. My mom is doing some fall cleaning at her house and wanted us to have our childhood memoribilia back. It’s been collecting dust for about 20 some years in her attic, so it’s time to go for sure. I got such a kick out of sorting through all the old notes, school binders, and pictures! Let me show you what I found:

These checkbooks, credit cards, and ID cards are from when I was about 10 years old, or so. I had bunk beds in my room with drawers underneath. I would take out the bottom drawers, leaving a foot of clearance under the bed, stack up my red building blocks, make a “teller” window, climb under the bed, and than have everyone in my family come visit me at “The Bank.” My Mom said we girls use to “pretend” play almost everytime we came back from an errand, whether to the library, store, church….we made everything fun!

Birthday cards to me, with my grandmothers signatures, who have lately passed. Aww. Thank you, Great Grandma Stockstill and Grandma Wilges!

I was the flowergirl for my Aunt Darlene when I was 5 years old. These are the rice roses that they “threw” after the ceremony. They are made of silk, and the flowers were filled with rice. When the couple exited the building to their reception limo, you would flick the flower at them, causing the rice to fly out. You out there who are 30 years and above will recollect rice throwing at weddings. The now generation will only remember bubbles : ).  

3rd and 4th grade Valentine’s. So sweet! I guess Garfield was very popular in the 80’s. While the t.v. show, Garfield & Friends, was one of my favorites, I have to say that Alf was my absolute favorite at the time. See the Alf Valentine on the far right? You can still watch old episodes of Alf at, and Garfield & Friends at for free! Horray!

One of my favs…Bazooka Joe comics and coupon. That gum was yummy, but only good for about 5 minutes in your mouth before it turned to a hard lump. But it was good! I mean, what gum today comes complete with comic strips included?

And check out the expiration date on this coupon! I must have thought saving it for 22 years would make it more valuable : )! Wow!

Love letters from Jr. High…..from 4 different boys saying they  love, love, love me. I was a popular girl I guess!

Remember this paper? We had one of those track printers….you know where the outer holes here went on the side spokes? Well, you know what I mean. And that noise the printer made. Unforgettable.

A pile of encouragement cards from all my fellow 4th grade friends, when my oldest sister was hospitalized from a serious car accident. It was nice to look through these. I had not remembered all those who reached out to me.  I mainly remember visiting Julie at the hospital often and staying with our friends, the Robeys.

Letters from my sisters, Amy & Julie. Can you read some above? Julie said that she was sorry that I didn’t get a note from the guy I liked at the time but to have a good day, and Amy said that I was soooo slow and she liked to boss me around ; ) . I know they both love me very much, as I love them! They are truly wonderful sisters!

Letters from the Tooth Fairy (AKA, my Mom). So precious! When I would lose a tooth, I’d put it under my pillow, and in the morning, instead of the tooth I’d find one of these pieces of paper with usually a stick of gum and some change, or if it was a big tooth, it would be a whole dollar! woohoo! I always knew the Fairy was my Mom, but it always puzzled me how she snuck into my room and did that without me knowing! Love you, Mom!

And remember these too? I found a huge pile of scantron test forms in my notebooks from Jr. High. I’m old enough now to think that scantron tests started with my generation. Do they still use these?

But, I love pictures…and it was so much fun to look back at them!

This is me on the left with my friend Tiffany. She lived a few streets away from us, and we enjoyed playing in the trees in her backyard, and guess what?….we both loved Alf! Notice the matching outfits above, complete with bobby socks and white canvas shoes?

Tiffany and I again. Maybe at the amusement park? I’m chillin’ there with Grumpy smurf and Tiff is with Smurfette. See kids, these characters did exist, before the movie came out this year!

And while I knew Tiffany for a few years, I’ve known Mary, my whole life. Our moms were friends before we were even conceived. Mary and I grew up together, and remained best friends even through high school. So many of my childhood memories include Mary, and they are great! I’m pleased we are still facebook friends now, even 30 some years later. I love you, friend!

I’d have to guess this one is me in 5th grade perhaps. I think I was fishing in a derby with my Dad. This could have been the fish my cane pole broke on. Either way, I’m sure my Dad was proud of me catching such a big one! I love you, Dad! Thanks for teaching me cool skills in life…how to tie a knot, how to bait and catch a fish, how to roe a canoe, how to ride my bike, how to rollerskate, and how to bowl!

Childhood ID cards from 4th and 5th grade. So funny! I look really weird in the top one. My sisters did my bangs that morning for me, for the one on the bottom, and it’s been my favorite school picture ever since!

And from all those memories, this is all I kept…the pictures, one letter from Mary, stickers, and the notes from my family. I love you all so much! Thank you for all the great memories!


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