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This is our/Nathan’s bedroom. It’s come a long way these last two months with new paint, and now decorations. It feels like a real bedroom now. And I’m happy now with my yellow color in there. Cheery notes all around!

This is Nathan’s story time nook. I love these shelves from Ikea that host some of Nathan’s favorites! I enjoy reading to him, and his favorite book right now is, “Guess How Much I Miss You” read and recorded by Daddy. Nathan loves to hear his Daddy’s voice, and I’ve watched him pull the speaker on the book close to his ear….and he’s only 8 months old. Makes me tear up every time!

And here is Aunt Amy reading Nathan’s favorite to him and the little princess. They both loved it! Thanks, Aunt Amy! I think I saw tears in your eyes too that day : ).
And this is Nathan’s spot. I finally hung the LOVA leaf today….it only took 6 months to get it up : ). But, I’ve got big plans for this corner, complete with a modern painted wall mural of a tree, with family photos hanging from it;  and to the right: a painted giraffe growth chart. I’m so excited! I enjoy envisioning things in my head, making them a craft reality, and then sharing them with you!

And here’s our fireplace…..well the top of it anyways. It’s a work in progress. I just painted the top portion gray to make it stand out in the room more, and painted the mirror bright yellow. I am loving the gray/yellow combo, as Erin suggested in her blog HERE. I’m developing ideas for the right side of that blank space, but I’d love your suggestions!

And unfortunately, I opened up a can of worms last week too, and here is the bottom hearth. It was looking pretty unattractive with the layers of paint on there, and so I decided to strip it off. I had no idea what I was getting into. This is what it looked like after the whole first scraping.
And this is what it looked like after the gruesome 2nd scraping. And I used the WHOLE QUART of paint stripper at this point!  I discovered 2 layers of latex paint (the top coat I had put on last year), and 2 layers of oil based something…paint or stain whatever. It is on there good, let me tell you! Wow! And it still looks horrible. Hmm…

Out of paint stripper, I turn to the steel wool pads. Brilliant! Finally there is that grey slate underneath showing through. Now that’s what I’m looking for. Well, it’s progress even so, but far from done at this point. It’ll look fantastic when I get done, so I’m pushing through the cramped fingers of all that scraping!
And finally the bare corner gets covered! I have one area there on the right to patch back up from my initial shelf-hanging, hate plaster woes, but other than that it’s looking great. See what it used to look like and what the rest of my kitchen looks like HERE. Yea for decorating! And thank you, Amy, for suggesting the fabric covered canvases! I love ’em!


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