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So far this week I did a complete and thorough cleaning on some of our regular household items like our fan, swiffer, and vacuum. They had all gotten pretty dirty and I am working on being a better steward of the things we already have…And trust me, these items needed it!

My husband usually does the upkeep on a lot of things in our home, like the computers, kitchen gagets, anything electronic, an much more. But, since he’s not here (he’s deployed), I guess all of that falls to me unfortunately. I honestly don’t like doing it all, and seeing all the stuff he used to do here to help me, makes me miss him even more! When are you coming home, honey?

And then I did some routine maintenance on this sewing machine my sister was given. It just needed a little cleaning, and oiling, and it runs so well now! I think the older machines are often more dependable an rugged. My mom has a Singer that’s lasted her well over 30 years, while I only had a White machine last for about 8. A few years ago, I bought a Singer too.

And this is the yucky lint that was in the sewing machine, an a dull needle. Sorry to have pictured this….But perhaps, it will get you to clean out whatever item you’ve been putting off cleaning that needs your care.
It’s amazing what can hold up for so much longer when you care or things routinely, instead of when it gets so bad or breaks (like I usually tend to do).

 Enough of that…..

So, then I made another diaper cake (its so fun now)!!!…

 And gave it to my friend, Savina (in the middle) for her baby shower. She loved it! She’s due in 3 weeks with her first baby boy. I am standing here on the left with her and my friend, Phyllis, who I also got to work with at Barnes & Noble. Great ladies and friends!

 And yesterday I got to go to the zoo with my mom, sister, an her kids. I had an absolute blast with all of them!

 And at the end of the day, while the others looked for bats at the Asian Exhibit, Nathan fell asleep in his stroller and I tried to keep us both dry from the rain. What a fun day!


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