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My son will be 6 months this next week. Time to start eating purees. As this time has been approaching, I honestly think I’ve been a little intimidated about making Nathan his own baby food. I don’t know why, but after trying it, I found out actually how simple it is.

The happy baby hand crank mixer was passed on to me by my sister. I love this little device! I tried my mock magic bullet mixer first, and it performed very poorly on pureeing his food. Then, I tried this hand crank one and each fruit/vegetable I tried came out perfectly…and soooo very easy!

I put small servings into an ice cube tray, waited overnight for them to freeze, then popped them out and placed them in labeled bags in the freezer. Voila! This food reserve will come in even more handy when I start to pre-plan his meals in a few more weeks. I can just defrost what I need for each day.

And the amount on my return?… About 1 cup frozen peas yielded me about 6 cubes, 3 nectarines yielded 12 cubes, and 1 banana yielded 8 cubes.  Making my own vs. buying jars, may be cheaper to do myself when the produce is in season and on sale, as my sister pointed out.

And it’s all for this litle guy! Man, do I just love him so much!


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