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When we moved in, our kitchen looked like this.
Then with a little work and a lot of primer it looked like this.
Then we made this and blogged about it here.
We went to IKEA and bought 3 sets of these shelf ends.
And they cost this much (each).

Then it all came together a year later and now looks like this.

                                         Now for a few highlights of the completion:

Ikea utensils…. $5.00 for the set. Yes, really. LOVE them!

Made these for my sister’s kitchen seen here a few years ago for Christmas. Now her kitchen is orange and mine has red accents, so she let me borrow them back : ). How nice of her!

Plasticware from Target.. 6 plates for 98 cents, and 6 bowls for 98 cents.
Glassware from Ikea…50 cents a glass
Striped sandwich board from Ikea….$3.99

Personalized mugs from a great vacation spot. Priceless.

Black clock from Ikea…..$5.00
Grundtal kitchen dish organizer from Ikea….$30.00ish
The “finished” product. I still want to add block letters in RED that say “EAT” above the spice rack. My very creative sister’s idea….but I’m still trying to find the right size of wooden letters. Oh, Hobby Lobby, will you come through for me?
The opposite wall. Yep. My only question is….so what do you think I should do here? Any suggestions from my wonderful readers would be great! Please leave any comments below! Thanks!


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