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On Saturday we went to a Strawberry Festival Parade.

I brought my little guy. He loved it….he watched, and watched, then he fell asleep.

My sister and I had a great time with her friend, Beth, and her family.

Even the little Angel Princess came (aka my niece) and was given lots of candy by the parade floats.

We saw lots of bands, lots of floats, and little men dressed like strawberries.

And I was completely distracted by this beautiful building across the street. I daydreamed of how I could paint it and what a lovely painting it would turn out to be. This area had a lot of charm for me!

We made it home after the parade, and my tire about fell off…literally. The ball joint had broke and it had to be towed a half hour later. : (

But, have no worries…. Nathan and I just spent the afternoon at home baking this wonderful strawberry dessert for a special person we love “berry”much….
…..My mom! On Sunday we celebrated with our family. We had a wonderful lunch, and the strawberry shortcake for dessert. You can find the recipe I made here. It was delicious!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you!

….and yes, I do love strawberries too.


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