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I just got home from my Rite Aid (they know me well now there : ) )…and here’s what I got….

Retail value of above items (without coupons): $ 68.80
What I got all of the items for (with 4 transactions): $ 15.79, including tax.

I had to pray before I went this time, because with my baby and a long week, I wasn’t able to compile my coupons and shopping strategy as best as I had liked. But, it all turned out VERY well. And on top of this for 15.79, I brought home a 10% off your total purchase coupon and 3, $3off $15 surveys to use next week in store.
I love Rite Aid now…so much! Thank you, Johanna, for introducing me to their super great deals!

Trans #1: 2 Bic Razors and Crest Toothpaste: I had a rain check for the 2 razors which gave me them free, with a $2.00 overage. The toothpaste was 2.99 with 2 UP back. Paid only the tax of 46 cents on this one!

Trans #2: 2 Huggies, size 4. Had 2, $3.00 off coupons, and 2 video value coupons for $1.00 off each. Used the 2 UP rewards from trans #1 Paid: $11.12

Trans #3: 2 Finish powder/gel, 2 scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaners, and 2 airwick sprays. Had coupons for all items and Finish was B1G1, so I used coupons on both items. Used 5 UP from trans #2 Paid $2.55

Trans #4: Born free bottle. Bottle was clearanced 75%off, which made it 2.50. Used 1UP from trans #3 and paid only $1.66  This bottle will be used in a baby shower gift soon!

I realized at the end, had I been even more thorough, I could have saved about 4 more dollars off the above items….but I still think I did great. I can’t be too hard on myself, since I’m still saving so much anyways!


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