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I am so excited! I just got back from Rite Aid, and I’m so excited by how much I got for how little I paid! Last year my sister taught me awesome things about saving money and super-couponing. Then I shared the knowledge with my friend, Johanna, who now does better couponing deals than me! I am highly impressed with her and you can reap the same benefits as I did by following her great blog, Glorious Living 4 Moms! She got all the above stuff for just 13 cents!!!! Yes, really! See here! And here’s how my sister coupons amazingly on her blog here and here. I would have spent over $40. retail cost on the above items, but instead, with coupons and Rite Aid video value coupons, and Johanna’s blog, I only spent $7.84 out of pocket, and got 7 UP rewards back (thats actually 7 rite-aid dollars back to spend next trip)! So that’s technically 84 cents for it all, right?!!! I love it!!! So thank you, Amy and Johanna for making this possible for me!! And did I mention I did this shopping trip today with my 2 month old strapped to me who was fighting sleep and crying? So, you can do it too!


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