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Having a baby is so much fun….you can lose so many hours well-spent each day, just staring at your amazing newborn like I do, you get to put them in fun clothes that only last a few weeks to a month, and receive wonderful, homemade gifts from your friends! How awesome!!!! The above baby teething rings were made by my wonderful friend, Johanna! She is a great friend, mom, and sewer! I know Nathan will LOVE his adorable new rings in just another month! Check out Johanna’s blog, Gracious Living 4 Moms to start crafting and saving money for your family!

And my husband came home from his job recently with this amazing present for our new baby. It was a gift from a co-worker that we both used to work with (and who he currently works with again). Thanks, Anna!!! She knitted this tunic herself and it is really amazing! I can’t knit, and so I think I have a deep appreciation for those who can! It’s beautiful!

Thank you friends! These are great trasures to me!


Joy2Sew is a sewing business specializing in bridal alterations, custom costume creations, sewing lessons, and pdf patterns for children's costumes.

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