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The love of my life has started a few new projects around the house lately, including…. sanding, and finishing up this wonderful flying model airplane my Grandpa built. Steven is very excited!

He brought the plane home on Christmas Day and set up his shop right away in our basement. He soon came back upstairs with sawdust on his pants and said, “Love, can I request that you make me a work apron?” I love making things for him, so of course I said yes! And so the project started….

This kitchen apron fits him really well that we already had, and so I used it as my template pattern piece. However, I don’t like how the neck tie is one size and hangs too low….., so I went with a design by Ikea (seen last year at their store). Their design had a slip casing on the upper portion of the apron that a ribbon ran through to become both the neck tie and the back tie strings.

We already had this piece of duck/canvas drop cloth from Lowe’s that was unused. It was pretty sturdy in weight already, but because it was to become a work apron, I doubled it in thickness. I cut two of everything… 2 apron fronts, 2 pockets, and 2 casings for the ties to go through. I didn’t take pics of how I sewed it, but just leave a comment below and I’ll get back with you with directions.

And here is the finished product. He chose not to model it for me, but it still fit and looked good on him.

2 pockets in front, one long piece of tie! …. the hammer hold and upper pencil pocket idea came at the end! Now he’s ready to work and keep the dust off of him!


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