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This past January (yes, that long ago)…I was shopping at Kohl’s and saw this blue embellished tee shirt that would be just awesome for a friend of ours, ….and it was on clearance during the winter! I was really looking for long-sleeved shirts for my husband, but you know once in awhile you have to get something NOT on your original list : )! So home it came with me…and sat…and sat…

My very special and wonderful friend, Gina, needed a surprise gifted tee shirt from me as well…so as her husband, Brian’s shirt sat around, I was in designing phases over hers. She grew up in a town called Paris, and she also happens to have a love of Paris, France…so it was not a second thought as to how I’d make her tee shirt! I started with the above freehand stencil, drawn on the matte side of freezer paper. Then I cut it out carefully with an exacto knife. I usually place the freezer paper over a self -healing mat before I start cutting. Obviously, by my above design, I went a little overboard in the details and embellishments. This stencil type does not lend itself well to small designs. This design, scanned onto transfer paper, would have worked more effectively.

I decided to cut out a lot of detail and simplify my design. I only cut out the eiffel tower and
P-A-R-I-S wording. Then I ironed it onto her tee-shirt (or bag…or onesie….). I bought hers at Hobby Lobby, but you can get a good selection at JoAnn Fabrics and Michaels Arts & Crafts too.
Then you can use fabric paint to paint inside your stenciled design. I use Pebeo fabric paint. I peel the freezer paper off the tee-shirt and then let it dry for 24 hours. I iron heat-set the design…and here’s how they came out:
Tee-shirts for the Scotts. Thank goodness I got them mailed in August…just at the last of summer. Horray : )

So…..for Gina….

…and for Brian! Glad you guys are enjoying them! We love you and miss you both!


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